Financing Real Estate In Costa Rica Just Got Easier

Use Volo Loans to buy, build or refinance Real Estate in Costa Rica with secure and efficient financing at excellent rates.

Rates starting at 9.500%*

Why Work With Us?

45 Days

You don’t want a closing that drags out. We take 45 days or less from start to close.

Low Rates

Our rates are based on U.S. indexes.

Loan Confidence

Regulated U.S. financial institutions, U.S. models, locally compliant.

Expert Team

Our team members are licensed loan officers with extensive lending experience.

Financing in Costa Rica can be cash intensive, expensive and slow. Not with Volo. 

We provide lending solutions for U.S. citizens, funded and serviced in the U.S. with U.S. dollars. 

Our lending solutions meet both Costa Rican and U.S. requirements.

Your dream.
Our proven model.

Your dream.
Our proven model.


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Why do you need more information to calculate my loan offer?

Every borrower is different and so is every loan. We make sure you’re given the most accurate information possible by asking a few questions about your home and credit. These items influence the details of the loan options available.

How are you able to offer such competitive rates?

Several factors go into calculating your rate, including your credit score, loan amount, and loan to value. By leveraging our innovative technology and streamlined process we’re able to offer such low rates.

What types of loan programs does Volo Loans offer?

We offer financing to purchase a new home, refinance, and even cash-out refinance. There are four loan types: 7/6 ARL, 5/6 ARL, 30-Year fixed rate or a 3/30 Lot Loan. Find out what rate is best for you by getting your personalized offer today.

How long will it take to close my loan?

We are committed to diligently closing your loan. It typically takes about 60 days to close.

Experience Pura Vida.

Finance your costa rican home today!

Rates starting at 9.500%*